Operator Not Supported for System.Type


I sent this in an e-mail but I thought I'd post it here also to show the work order progress. The current syntax is what is generated (in Vb) and causes a syntax error because <> is not supported for System.Type. I changed the current syntax line to the new syntax line to remedy the issue (tested it and it worked). I made a similiar change for the other fill function also.
Current Syntax with error:
If (prop.PropertyType <> dr(prop.Name).GetType) Then
New Syntax:
If (prop.PropertyType.Equals(dr(prop.Name).GetType) = False) Then
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whatsit wrote May 12, 2008 at 8:32 PM

Yep, this is only happening with VB.NET and not C#. That's because in C#, you can make comparisons of System.Type objects with a simple inequality expression. VB is not so nice with its binary operators. I've fixed this in 3.0.2. Thanks for all your help.

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