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There are several plug-ins available for the Class Builder Wizard. Each plug-in allows you to create code from different data sources. If you don't see a plug-in that fits your needs, you can also create your own (see below).

Plug-in Title Description Download
MS SQL Supports SQL 2000 & 2005 as a data source. Comes with installer (see Release section)
Manual Allows quick creation of entity classes that is not based on a data source. Comes with installer (see Release section)
Excel Originally an example plug-in. This is the compiled assembly. It uses an Excel file as a data source. Excel Plug-in For 3.x
Text File Supports delimited and fixed-width text files as a data source (updated 2008-04-06 to include fixed-width support). Text Plug-in For 3.x

To install a plug-in that you download from this page, unzip the assembly (dll) into the plugins folder in the Class Builder Wizard folder.
For example: C:\Program Files\Jason Williams\Class Builder Wizard\plugins

For information about creating your own plug-in for this project, download this sample project: Excel Plug-in Source Code

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