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Class Builder Wizard is a Microsoft Visual Studio wizard that generates data object classes and a full data layer implementation for database objects (MS SQL Server and others). It can also be used to quickly create custom classes (not necessarily based on a database object) by defining the structure of the class "manually."

A full plug-in interface has been implemented to support data sources beyond the default (MS SQL) and allow for third-party data sources.

This code generator can create code in C# and VB.Net. The generated objects are serializable and are easily bound to Windows and ASP.Net form controls, or utilized in web services.

This project was created to speed-up my personal development process by automating several tasks that I found repetitive between projects. My hope is that by releasing it here, others will find it useful as well.

Please download and read the Readme file for more information about what the Class Builder Wizard is and how you can make use of its capabilities.

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There are several plug-ins available for the Class Builder Wizard. Each plug-in allows you to create code from different data sources. If you don't see a plug-in that fits your needs, you can also create your own.
Please see the Plug-ins Page

How to Use the Generated Code

There have been several questions about how to use the code that the wizard generates. I have put together a couple sample projects as demonstrations.
Language Sample Project Type Download Notes
C# Windows Form -
C# Web Site -
VB Web Site (Thanks yousaid) Updated 2008-04-21 to support updates properly


Please see the Screenshots page.

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